Quality Assurance

At Juice Chest, we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

When possible, we went directly to the manufacturers and negotiated with them.  We tried several samples over a period of time from different batches to ensure consistency.

For our box, we went to a box factory.  They helped us design our first Juice Chest and gave us a crash course on how a box is made.  Our boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and we’ve done everything possible to reduce our waste from 27% on the original design to less than 10%.

All of the brands and flavors have been sampled and rated by Pino and our group of vapers.  As we test out new brands and e-juice lines, we will keep track of the results and compare them with your feedback.

All of the bottles come with child proof caps because vaping / e-cigarettes are not for kids.

Finally, we love feedback.  We can’t make Juice Chest better without hearing from you – so reach out and contact us – we would love to hear from you.