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JuiceChest Sampler Box 6 x 30ml Bottles Premium E-Liquid (No House Juice)


180ml Sample Juice Chest

This Juice Chest comes with six 30ml bottles.  Select your nicotine level and then select six bottles that you want to enjoy.  That’s right, you select the brand and flavor – you can even read the description of each bottle directly from the manufacturer’s own menu.

Savings of 25% compared to retail prices and this Juice Chest will be at your door within three days of being shipped.

Each of our premium brands flavor menus, with full descriptions of each flavor, can be found in the ‘Description’ section below.


Do you have any suggestions on what we should include in future Juice Chests? For example specific brands / flavors, nic levels, products, etc.

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Product Description

6 x 30 ml bottles

180 ml Juice Chest where you can select the brands and flavors that you want. “Give Them Juice!”

Flavor Menus:

Click on the logo below

TIME-WELL-VAPED-LOGO-The-Juice-Punk-PNG  snake oil  M.E.O. Logo  El Vaporo Logo_Black on White  Kloud Panda Logo


Additional Information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 9 cm


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