About Us

Juice Chest is a labor of love.  The cofounders, Pino Arpa and Scot Thom, have other businesses that they run full time and they’ve been bantering around ideas for a new business that we could do together for a few years.  On January 16th, they thought of the subscription box idea, spoke to a few local vape shops and e-juice mixologists, and decided that maybe this could work.  Spoke to a few more people, refined the idea a little more, and realized that they were onto something.  After they saw some reviews by vaper’s of other subscription e-juice boxes, that’s when it was go time.

Second, because we have other obligations (family, work, etc), Scot and Pino have put processes in place so that Juice Chest can launch and grow this business in a manner that allows them to focus on activities that don’t scale or that they can’t outsource, such as building relationships and customer service.

Third, you can see the people behind Juice Chest.  It’s Pino.  It’s Scot.  You can email them.  You can call them.  If you’re in Toronto or southern Ontario, you can have a coffee with them.  We want to help grow the vaping community and contribute to it’s success.

Pino and Scot are excited about this venture and look forward to creating the best experience possible for the vaping community.

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