E-liquid Giveaway 1

E-Liquid Giveaway

Juice Chest is proud to present our first e-liquid giveaway.

First prize is a three month subscription to Juice Chest.

Second prize is a one month subscription to Juice Chest.

Third prize is two bottles of your choice.

So what makes Juice Chest different?

  1. We support the vaping community.  A portion of the proceeds from each box goes to support local vaping organizations.  We are constantly looking for ways to support people within the vaping community from the suppliers, local vape shops, and pass on savings to consumers.
  2. No House Juice.  Period.
  3. No flavor profiles – you pick what you want and know what you are buying.
  4. Quality Suppliers – you can find them online, read reviews and look at their menus.
  5. Canadian company – all of our products are Canadian made which means you can benefit from strict Canadian regulations and the low Canadian dollar, translating into an additional 20% off for Americans, 35% for the EU and 45% for UK customers.
  6. Our motto is “Give Them Juice!” – our smallest box is 180ml.

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