Welcome to Juice Chest, the e-juice monthly subscription service based out of Toronto, Canada.
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How It Works – 4 Steps To Flavor Freedom

1Choose your vaping destiny and become a chestie.  Juice Chest is all about choice!  As a Juice Chestie, you get to select your e-liquid – no flavor profiles – and take advantage of our relationships with premium suppliers.
2We curate great brands and flavors for you, but you choose get to choose what you want in your chest.  Every month, our expert vapeheads huff and puff their way through tanks of e-juice checking for consistency, balance and tastiness to ensure you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of every chest.
3Each month you’ll receive an email letting you know your subscription is on its way!  The enclosed tracking information lets you follow your chest as it begins its way to your door.
4Open your chest and let the vaping fun begin! Share your unboxing video on social media to earn free swag for your next Juice Chest!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is Juice Chest?

Why buy from Juice Chest when I can buy from my local store?

What will my chest contain?
Can I choose my flavors?
How do I sign up?
What is your privacy policy?


Where do you ship to?

How much does shipping cost?

Can I track my chest?
When will I get my chest?
How do I change my shipping address?


When will I be charged for my Juice Chest?

How do I cancel my subscription?

What are the payment methods?

Rocket Shipping – we use FedEx.  Although we don’t offer free shipping, we make it easy for you to help us grow and in return we will cover the cost of shipping to send you your Juice Chest!

Friendly Prices – save 25-55% off of retail prices.  Currently all of our pricing is in Canadian dollars, which is amazeballs for Canadians.  For Americans, this means that you save 50-80% off of retail prices.    For Europe (excluding Britain), you can enjoy savings of 60-80% off of retail.  For the British, 70-90% off of retail!

Always On Time – you will be notified at each stage when your e-liquid is crafted, picked up, packed and shipped with FedEx.  We don’t hold stale inventory – each month our Juice Chests are made to order.